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AudioSage welcomes DAWBuffet.com
as an authorized dealer for:


Click the logos above to see DAW Buffets’  extensive selection
of Best Service and Best Service distributed Virtual Instruments.

Best Service Chris Hein Solo Viola

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chrisheinsoloviola_2200x2200Chris Hein – SOLO VIOLA, the second instrument within the Chris Hein Solo Strings series is available now!

Simply the best virtual Viola ever created!

Chris Hein – SOLO VIOLA outshines all previous viola libraries. Never before has a sample library of this extent been dedicated to a single string instrument.  Recorded with greatest care and endless details, precisely edited and merged into a practical and musical instrument for NI’s Kontakt Player offering an elaborate custom-tailored user-interface with comprehensive scripting. This library offers everything you have been missing with previous virtual string instruments.

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Tone2 Icarus Tone Tour

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Best Service Klanghaus Bio Machine

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 klanghaus_bio_machineWelcome to KLANGHAUS BIOMACHINE

KLANGHAUS BIO MACHINE is the next great addition to the original Klanghaus 2 Library, produced, composed and recorded by German musician, sound artist and instrument designer Ferdinand Försch & realized by Best Service.

With BIO MACHINE you have access to a big collection of unique rhythms and loops of bizarre percussion, thunderous cymbals & never-heard-before stringed instruments played and programmed by Ferdinand Försch.  This library provides a unique collection of Förschs self-created sound universe, still unmatched in inspiration and creativity.

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Best Service Eduardo Tarilonte Interview on KVR

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Sampling the ieduardo_tarilontenner and outer worlds:
An interview with Eduardo Tarilonte

Sound designer and producer Eduardo Tarilonte has released a steady stream of sample libraries in the last 10 years, starting with Celtic Wind in 2006. His products never fail to be creative, well-recorded, and perhaps most importantly, they aren’t like anything else you can find on the market.

His latest, KWAYA (available from Best Service), is a detailed library of individual voices and choirs from Africa. It was a massive and logistically complex undertaking that he was kind enough to tell us about…

Read the entire interview at KVRAudio.com

MusicLab RealStrat4 – 17 Audio Demos

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