The Multiple In is a CLASS-A input unit that can receive 4 line signals (or two stereo lines), as opposed to just the 2 lines that can be handled by the Stereo In unit. It does however include fewer features (no gain, filters or AUX routing), having been principally designed to enable simple routing of line signals to the L/R Master – which, in many cases will prove sufficient.

The Multiple In is mainly intended for use with audio devices that generate a line signal (0 dBV) from their output(s). This makes it particularly useful for sub group routing: Its inputs can accommodate effect units, CD players, tape or digital recorders, preamps of any kind and electronic instruments such as keyboards and Midi devices.

A number of Multiple In units combined with one L/R Master unit will create a summing amp of outstanding quality, which is both modular and money saving. For example, four Multiple In units will configure into a 16-channel summing amp.

Input Impedance 41.4 kohm (BALANCED)
Maximum input level: +20dBu (THD <0.5%)
Gain range: -61 dBu to +6dBu
Frequency response: (-3dB)
Equivalent input noise (EIN) 111,7dB (Gain @11.7dBu)
Distortion (THD+N, @1KHz) – 30dBu input level, 0dBu output level 0.15%; 0.12% 2nd harmonic; 0.06% 3rd harmonic; 0.04% 4th harmonic; 0.01% 5th harmonic
Power consumption: 80mA
Size & Weight: 36x58x475mm ; 0,5 kg