This power supply is linear, built in a traditional way and including a transformer. Hiss and hum are therefore reduced to a minimum, making it ideal for recording.

Thanks to its 630W, ART48_PSPRO is able to feed up to 80 Arthur modules. The ART48_PSPRO is designed for use both as a freestanding power supply (lying on the ground) and mounted in a 19” 2-unit rack, using a mounting accessory. It is recommended that you keep the unit away from other devices due to the magnetic field generated. The unit requires a good airflow, so please keep the rear panel free from obstacles.

We also advise leaving an empty rack space above and below the device. The ART48_PSPRO must be always connected to the electric ground: It’s typical to consider the mixing console as the central ground point of the entire audio system. This consideration is important in order to avoid ground loops between all the pieces of audio equipment.

Outboard devices are often isolated: the chassis is connected to the ground, but the signal ground is isolated from the electric ground. We also recommend using balanced audio connections between all the audio equipment in use. The ART48_PSPRO is grounded to avoid loops and unwanted audio hum inside the ARTHUR48 mixer. Use original Schertler connection cables between the ART48_PSPRO and ARTHUR48.