The architecture of ARTHUR’s SPRING unit reverb offers the best of both worlds: digital delay and analog decay.

Digital delay provides a simple and efficient solution for delay lines that retard or echo the signal before being sent to the spring. However, when it comes to the more complex matter of reverberation, the good old spring still provides a more “natural” and musical solution. The spring unit includes six springs to give a rich reverb effect that also has a time-adjustable decay.

In addition to its function as an ARTHUR mixer module, the spring unit can also be used as a stand-alone unit, providing reverb for a signal from another mixer, or a guitar pedal, for example.

External Input impedance 48 kOhm
External Output impedance: 270 ohm
Dry output impedance: 300 ohm
Gain range: +8 to +24 dB
External out frequency response: (-3dB) 50 Hz – 50 kHz
Dry out frequency response: (-3dB) 5 Hz – 50 kHz
Equivalent input noise (EIN): 102,2 dB (24dB Gain, 150 ohm)
Delay Time: 40 ms – 600 ms
Echo repeat time: 40 ms (short) – 690 ms (long)
Power consumption: 120 mA
Size & Weight: 96x58x475mm ; 0,9 kg