Chris Hein Solo Violin has been upgraded to Version 1.2 with the addition of a second Solo Violin: “The Italian Violin”.  Chris rented a very old Italian violin made by Augusto Pollastri, which was sold after the recording sessions for $100,000.

The articulations and functions of the Italian Violin are absolutely the same as the original CH-Solo Violin, but it has a completely different sound. It´s a wonderful sounding instrument, much richer and warmer than the first CH-Solo Violin.

The Italian Violin is now included in Chris Hein Solo Violin version 1.2.
Chris Hein Solo Violin 1.2                        MSRP: €$259.00 

 Registered owners of CH Solo Violin v1.0 or v1.1 can purchase an Update (download ~ 3GB)
Chris Hein Solo Violin 1.2 Update      MSRP:  €$49.00 
Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete, and Upgrades to CHSS, will be enhanced with the inclusion of the new Italian Violin.
Registered owners of CH Solo Strings Complete will find a free Update to Chris Hein Solo Violin 1.2 in their Best Service user account.