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Schertler A Pre


A-PRE has been developed to guarantee the best possible performance from Schertler’s flagship A-DYN universal sensor.

The preamp’s low impedance CLASS-A electronics guarantee a high quality signal suitable for use in a range of pro audio applications.

Practical, on-body controls including 3-step gain, roll-off filter and a phase switch for dealing with feedback, enable quick and easy adjustments in order to achieve the desired sound.

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Schertler Stat Pre


Schertler’s STAT-PRE preamp perfectly complements the STAT series of sensors for orchestral stringed instruments, as well as providing a convenient solution for use with other compatible active pickups.

Compact and easy to use, STAT-PRE ensures a faithful reproduction of the instrument’s sound while delivering nearly 500 hours of playing time from one 9V battery.

The preamp’s rugged aluminium case enables it to be positioned on the floor, or attached to the player using a belt clip.

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Schertler Active DI


Schertler’s Active DI enables direct connection of acoustic and electric guitars, guitar amps, keyboards and other devices to a mixer. No hum loops!

Electronic balancer (DI)
Requires phantom power

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