After the great success of Emotional Cello, Best Service now presents Emotional Violin to extend the Harmonic Subtones family of stringed virtual instruments.  Emotional Violin is playable with the highest possible level of expression making it perfect for film-scoring, pop-production, song-writing, classic and modern avant-garde compositions.

Like Emotional Cello, Emotional Violin has been created by Harmonic Subtones of Munich to be used with Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5 Player.



Emotional Violin offers:

  • 2 Masterpatches with true legato:
    – Romantic Violin
    – Intimate Violin
  • Packed with over 50 articulations:
    Normal sustains with and without vibrato, multiple progressive Vibratos, multiple espressivo, flautando, sul ponticello, morbid sustains, harmonics, multiple spiccatos, staccato, marcato, tremolo, tremolo sul ponticello,multiple trills, pizzicato, pizzicato snap, Paganini pizzicato, scratches, Piazolla FX, diverse violin effects, violin percussion
  • Effects Section
    includes modeled sordino, timbre impulses, room, reverb and EQ
  • Streamlined for ease of use:
    Keyswitches with MIDI-learn-function, momentary keyswitches, purge & unload unsused articulations
  • Microtuning

Emotional Violin
Manufactured by Best Service, price to be announced
Available from February 2018 , at and Best Service key dealers