What may seem to be a standard mixing console, at first glance, is actually a groundbreaking new audio technology. With Arthur, you can build your own mixing environment with a degree of flexibility not before seen.  Unlike fixed format mixers, Arthur can be updated by adding or removing modules at any time.  It’s simple and one-tool easy.

Microphone InputL/R MasterPower Supply Pro
Microphone Ultra Low Noise InputAuxiliary MasterPower Supply 25 Channels
Yellow Instrument InputSubgroupPower Supply 12 Channels
Stereo InputSpringSide Panels
Multiple InputEQ MasterParts

Arthur currently consists of 6 different channel modules which can be easily combined in whatever order you like. An additional 3 modules are in development for 2017.

At the heart of Arthur is an equally groundbreaking electronic design. Never before has the market seen a mixer with electronic circuitry that is totally free of negative feedback (NFB) from input to output. All filters and summing amps (which many electronic designers consider unthinkable without NFB) are free from restricting back loops in this straightforward high-speed design. The result is an ultra fast response and a natural attack, neither of which is achievable with NFB circuitry. All circuits are simply built using single, discrete Class-A electronic components and pure high-voltage DC-amps (with not one capacitor in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom and low noise, as well as unparalleled stability, warmth and transparency. Arthur Format48  outperforms many of the more established mixing desks. Put another way, it will be hard to find a better sounding mixer than Arthur. Whether you are using your mixer as an amateur or as a pro, for studio recording or live applications, small performances or major arenas, Arthur will prove the perfect mixing tool thanks to its great sound and unrivaled flexibility.


A high-end microphone preamplifier, with several innovative features, specially designed for best possible sound reproduction.






The Microphone In Ultra Low Noise (ULN) unit is designed for use with microphones that have a weaker signal (such as ribbon mics), as well as for professional recording applications where the lowest possible noise is required.






The unit’s wide gain control and input impedance control (a novel feature) enables instruments to be directly connected to the mixer without external preamps, pedals or guitar amps.

YELLOW is similar to the Microphone Input unit, differing only in its input section:




A CLASS-A unit that can receive signals from various sources (mostly audio devices generating a 0 dBV line signal) including effects units, CD players, tape or digital recorders, preamps and electronic instruments such as keyboards or MIDI devices.






The Multiple In is a CLASS-A input unit that can receive 4 line signals (or two stereo lines), as opposed to just the 2 lines that can be handled by the Stereo In unit. It does however include fewer features (no gain, filters or AUX routing), having been principally designed to enable simple routing of line signals to the L/R Master – which, in many cases will prove sufficient.





A high-end, CLASS-A output amp that offers the basic features required in a smaller mixer configuration. Adding the optional AUX master unit provides all routings plus further output functions.








The ARTHUR Subgroup is a high-end, CLASS-A summing amp. It functions as an additional unit for configuring a group of input modules that are to be controlled via a single pair of faders.







The architecture of ARTHUR’s SPRING unit reverb offers the best of both worlds: digital delay and analog decay. Digital delay provides a simple and efficient solution for delay lines that retard or echo the signal before being sent to the spring.







The Arthur master EQ unit is a multi-band parametric equalizer. Many sound engineers look to avoid filters on their main stereo output signals, knowing that these color and flatten the dynamic of the original signal. This becomes audible in the loss of freshness and attack.







This power supply is linear, built in a traditional way and including a transformer. Hiss and hum are therefore reduced to a minimum, making it ideal for recording. Thanks to its 630W, ART48_PSPRO is able to feed up to 80 Arthur modules.





48V switching power supply for ARTHUR Format48 mixer. One PSU supplies up to 25 channels/units.







48V switching power supply for ARTHUR Format48 mixer. One PSU supplies up to 12 channels/units.









Sleek wooden side panels to complete your Arthur Format48 mixer.