Schertler’s MAGNETICO AG6 pickup for acoustic guitar is the first model in a range of specially developed, affordable fretted instrument pickups that uniquely combine high-end Schertler electronics with active multiple coil technology. Benefits include a fast transient behavior, flat frequency response and a full rich sound across the entire range of the instrument.

The compact pickup fits inside the guitar’s sound hole. It is equipped with volume control and external input (also with separate volume control) for connecting a second pickup. Sound from both pickups can be blended to create exactly the right effect for each individual performance or recording. The MAGNETICO AG6 is supplied with an internal Jack cable for fixed installation on the instrument. An external Jack cable is available separately.

Battery type Lithium 3V CR2032
Playing hours 120 hours
Current consumption 1.84 mA
Frequency range from 0 Hz to 40 kHz (+/- 3dB)
Dynamic range 68 dBSNR
Max output voltage 4 VPP
EXT IN impedance ca. 10k ohm
Output level -5 dBu / 1.23 VPP
Output impedance 5 kOhm

John Jorgenson – guitar
“I use Schertler transducers together with their Unico acoustic amp. This combination offers me the most inspiring and natural amplified acoustic sound I have ever had on stage”

Neil Fraser (Thindersticks) – guitar
“Jamie (Hickey), our sound engineer is always on the lookout to make us sound better, and possibly make his job a little easier. He has used Schertler mics and pickups with us in the past – we used Schertler products for a string section we used on a film soundtrack tour. So, when he suggested the AG6, I was immediately interested in what it could do for my acoustic guitar.
Stuart (lead singer/guitar) and I have used Fishman pickups for years. We thought they were the best you could get, but the AG6 had a better sound, less boxy and boomy, more natural – it made my guitar sound like it does acoustically, which is the whole point of an acoustic pickup, I guess. Drago at Schertler has been very helpful by making me a custom left-handed version (I’m a left-handed guitar player), which, I believe wasn’t available before, so it was great that they took the time to make me one!

Originally, we only had the AG6, but after doing a bit of research I saw there was a mic available to plug into the AG6, the S-MIC-M. For me this looked like the perfect combination – a good pickup and a mic to add some warmth and bottom end. As I said earlier, the combination of the pickup and mic gives me a very natural sound – my Martin sounds like a Martin when played live; a member of the audience commented after a show that my guitar sounded ‘beautiful’ – that’s all I want really.
A couple of practical points also made me lean towards the AG6: Fitting the pickup into the sound hole is so quick and easy. Replacing the battery is a simple task too – try doing that with the Fishman!
I used the AG6/S-MIC-M combination for our October 2013 20th anniversary tour.
I also used it at an acoustic ‘art gallery’ show we played in London in November 2013. We have another acoustic show in Cherbourg, France, at the end of January / beginning of February 2014 – I’ll be using the AG6/S-MIC-M for that too.”

Eduard Jimmy Mateši – guitar
“Questa combinazione Schertler (M-AG6 + Jam 150) mi ha dato il suono miglior che io abbia mai avuto! Sono stato davvero impressionato dalla Schertler… dopo aver provato di tutto nella mia vita!”

Raffaello Indri – guitar
“The combination M-AG6 and S-MIC is the best way to keep my acoustic guitar characteristics intact. The sound remains perfectly clear and well balanced on the whole instrument extension, giving you sound depth and harmonics richness for each note.”