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Chris Hein Orchestral Brass video review at Samples Spotlight

chris_hein_orchestral_brass_complete“There are many orchestral brass libraries on the market ranging in different styles and character, Orchestral Brass Complete gives me more than enough control to write for Brass in any context. The Expressive Dynamic articulations really bring my lyrical lines to life and the shorts give me enough bite for those epic fanfares.”


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Chris Hein Solo Violin gets 5 Stars from Sound on Sound Magazine

chris_hein_solo_violinChris Heins’ popular horn, wind, guitar and bass collections are some of the most deeply sampled products on the market and show a remarkable eye for musical detail. The veteran producer has now released Chris Hein Solo Violin, a 2.73GB instrument which runs on the free Kontakt Player (included with the library) and the full version of Kontakt 5.

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Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Review in The Audio Spotlight


After my recent review of Best Service’s Chris Hein Winds Compact, it’s now time for me to take a closer look at it’s cousin library Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Complete. Both libraries, “Winds” and “Brass” are available in two different versions – “Complete” and “Compact”. Opposed to the Compact version, which comes with only five essential articulations, the Complete version offers a whopping total of 16 articulations per instrument and a lot more control and modulation options I’ll get into detail on later in the review.

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Best Service Chris Hein Solo Violin EXtended

Four fantastic sounding Solo Violin Instruments in EXtended version 2.0

Chris Hein Solo Violin EXtended outshines all previous violin libraries. Never before, a sample library of this extent has been dedicated towards a single string instrument: Recorded with greatest care and endless details, precisely edited and merged into a practical and musical instrument for NI’s Kontakt Player offering an elaborated custom-tailored user-interface with comprehensive scripting. Chris Hein – Solo Violin EXtended features high-grade sound quality and incredible realistic articulations. This library offers everything you have been missing with previous virtual string instruments. Continue reading


Best Service Developer: Chris Hein

Chris Hein makes his home in Cologne Germany.  Chris is a meticulous sound developer with great attention to detail.  Chris also brings an in-depth understanding of real-time control to all his sample environments.  Click the image tiles below to learn about his growing catalog of professional composer’s tools.

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