Despite an ocean of wonderful piano libraries available out there, we felt there was an important/useful flavor that is seldom explored. 

Instead of capturing prestigious, perfectly tuned pianos – why not perfectly capture untuned, aged pianos? 

Between the unpredictable hammer action (oftentimes mandating 50+ takes per note), carefully capturing useful piano ranges and selective/musical noise reduction – Atelier Series Memories Piano was no easy task to produce. 

All of the aged intra-note tuning was left completely alone – but each note’s pitch/velocity was centered by ear in Kontakt. What you end up with is a collection of three distinct pianos that are perfectly suited for a variety of songwriting genres as well as more humble, cinematic contexts. 

In addition to the pianos, we’ve included Auras – atmospheric piano-sourced patches designed to gently support the main pianos. Piano Percussion is a series of gentle/not-so-gentle hits – great tool if you need an organic, rhythmic backdrop. Lastly, we’ve included Ambient Noise Floor – a simple, effective way to add warmth to your piano tracks. 

Intimate Felt is exactly that – a detailed recording of a piano lined with felt and performed as soft as the hammers would allow. Great for warm, emotional and cinematic contexts. 

Bohemian Piano is the wildest piano in terms of intonation and includes a very strong top dynamic. Arguably the most versatile patch in the collection, from Beatles to Coldplay. 

The Home Piano will put you right back in your family’s living room. Instant nostalgia. Can almost smell dinner, spot the family dog and hear your mom promising eternal damnation if you don’t take out the garbage. 


Try layering the primary piano instruments along with any one of the Auras patches. Gently feather them in and ride the dynamic with the modwheel (or CC of your choice). That combo will carry a scene!

The Ambient Room Noise patch is a recording of the studio/mic setup without any noise reduction. When this is feathered in just right under your piano track, it helps to create a sense of presence – especially within softer contexts (great with the Intimate Felt piano). We also provided modwheel control in case you want to ride the noise floor musically (ex: playing an isolated chord, then swell the noise to the next chord, etc). 


• Pianos – Intimate Felt
• Pianos – The Home
• Pianos – Bohemian
• Auras – Contrition
• Auras – Solace
• Auras – Tabula Rasa
• Piano Percussion
• Aleatoric Clean Guitar
• Ambient Noise Floor


• Three unique pianos
• Aged, intra-note tuning retained
• Overall intonation centered per note
• Auras design sourced from piano recordings
• Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse


•Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
• Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
• Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
• 1.8 GB compressed NCW format
• Receive watermarked product by Pulse downloader