Best Service are a fountainhead of Virtual Instruments.

Based in Munich Germany, Best Service started as a brick & mortar music store providing the technical expertise and quality of service required by the most accomplished  composers in professional music production for records, broadcast and feature films.   They were perhaps the first retailer to offer a vast library of sounds for the hardware samplers of the day.

It was a natural evolution for Best Service to create and publish sampled sound libraries themselves.  Thus the Best Service brand was born.  Today Best Service publishes a huge catalog of 150+ sampled sound libraries and SFX collections created by an international team of highly skilled sound developers.

Best Service Sound Developers
Eduardo Tarilonte
Chris Hein
Galaxy Instruments
Harmonic Subtones
V3 Sound
And more….

Another natural evolution lead Best Service to offer access to their huge and growing audience of virtual instrument users to 3rd party VI developers from around the world.  Thus Best Service the Distributor came into existence.  Today Best Service distributes for a growing community of innovative virtual instrument developers including:

Best Service Distributed 3rd Party VI Brands
Non Lethal Applications
Vital Arts

Best Service is exclusive licensor of the ENGINE sample environment.

ENGINE is a FREE sample playback environment compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Audio Units, VST and AAX.

ENGINE makes it possible for sound developers to deliver their libraries as playable instruments.

Click here to download the current version of ENGINE.