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Best Service

Based in Munich Germany, Best Service started as a brick & mortar music store providing the technical expertise and quality of service required by the most accomplished  composers in professional music production for records, broadcast and feature films.   They were perhaps the first retailer to offer a vast library of sounds for the hardware samplers of the day.

It was a natural evolution for Best Service to create and publish sampled sound libraries themselves.  Thus the Best Service brand was born.  Today Best Service publishes a huge catalog of 150+ sampled sound libraries and SFX collections created by an international team of highly skilled sound developers.


Chris HeinGalaxy InstrumentsSonuscore
Eduardo TarilonteHarmonic SubtonesSoundOrder
Ferdinand ForschMarcel BarsottiV3 Sound

Best Service – Forest Kingdom 3

The Sounds of Forests and Jungles

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Best Service – The Orchestra Complete 2

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Best Service The Orchestra – Horns Of Hell

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Best Service Emotional Viola

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Best Service Alpine Volksmusik 2

42 unique patches for Swiss Folk Music, Austrian Stubenmusik and German Marching Music

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Best Service Nada

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Best Service Arabic Oud

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Best Service Elysion

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Best Service Chris Hein Orchestra Compact

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Chris Hein Strings Compact

Great sound from a compact library

Whenever sophisticated string instruments and uncompromising sound quality are needed,
Chris Hein – Strings Compact is the exact right choice.
This library offers high quality solo instruments and ensembles with all essential articulations to realize authentic sounding string arrangements in your DAW efficiently.

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