faGuitarAlign – Automatic Phase Alignment  

faGuitarAlign will radically reduce your workload when recording electric guitars, basses and basically everything with strings attached to it! Its revolutionary X/Y Pad lets you quickly find the right sweet spot between the correct phase and the mix of your different tracks, resulting in a perfect blend of both. To make this task progress even more smoothly there is also an automatic alignment feature, which accurately finds the right phase offset for you. With this reliable tool you’ll be able to save a huge amount of your valuable recording and mixing time, which you can then spend with much more exciting tasks.

Suited for a wide range of recording situations

Whether you want to make your phase alignment by ear or automatically, the integrated Phase Density Scope gives you reliable visual feedback in every conceivable situation. This exciting concept is derived from a VectorScope, which would be used in a stereo tool, and carefully optimized and enhanced for phase alignment purposes. This tool is unrivaled by any other Plug-in on the market.

Inspire your creativity

faGuitarAlign is carefully optimized for every kind of recording, whether it involves one sound source and multiple microphones and/or DI tracks. There are a lot of people who use it creatively for recordings with the fiddle, cello, double bass, piano or even choir tracks. Its creative design will inspire you to go beyond the known possibilities of any other alignment tool.

Practical usage

The plugin is designed to be used on a stereo bus, with the source tracks routed and panned correctly to it, or optionally routed through the side-chain input. It’ll then phase align, blend both together and output the result either in mono (standard) or with a stereo width of your choice. You can even enhance the original stereo width up to 200% to get a wider image of the instrument.


The Plug-in is designed to be used as a stereo Plug-in on a stereo bus (Aux) only. The two mono input tracks can be routed to this stereo bus and should be panned hard left (Input 1) and hard right (Input 2).
Alternatively it’s also possible to route one input through the Plug-ins Sidechain.

The Plug-in itself is only suitable for blending two inputs. It’s also possible to cascade this sort of routing you’ ve seen above to blend several tracks together. In order to do that you would add a new stereo bus, insert another instance of faGuitarAlign and assign the output of the first faGuitarAlign left panned to the new bus and assign the third input right panned to it. With this cascading principle its possible to use an almost infinite number of input tracks and Plug-in instances.


  • Sub-sample accurate Automatic Phase Alignment within a few seconds
  • Revolutionary phase alignment / mic blending via X/Y Pad
  • Suitable for close mics and room mics (max. distance range of 50 m / 160 ft)
  • Phase density scope for visual feedback of the current phase relation
  • Dedicated especially for guitar & bass but also suitable for a variety of other alignment tasks
  • 3 mic blend modes: Full, Logarithm, Linear
  • Stereo enhancement / widening tool
  • Phase alignment with sub-sample precision
  • A/B comparisons
  • Mic distances available in meter and foot
  • Supports Sample-rates between 44.100 – 192.000 Hz
  • Scalable GUI suitable for small resolutions up to 4k monitors
  • Full Unicode support for Western languages, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

System requirements

  • Mac – Mac OS X 10.10 or higher | Supported Formats: VST 64-Bit, AU 64-Bit, AAX 64-Bit
  • Windows – Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista | Supported Formats: VST 64-Bit, AAX 64-Bit

Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.